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The School of Education Graduate Student Community Organization (GSCO) is committed to enhancing both the professional and personal lives of graduate students in Education. By hosting numerous social and academic events, the GSCO provides students opportunities to network and share their research as well as to merely enjoy one another’s company.

Moreover, the GSCO provides elected and designated representatives at multiple levels to help ensure that the governing bodies of the School of Education address graduate student issues and concerns. To learn more about the many goals and activities of the GSCO, please take a moment to browse these pages.

The primary mission of the GSCO is to cultivate the constant improvement of graduate student support, representation, and communication within the School of Education. It strives to strengthen the relationships among graduate students within and across programs in the school, to facilitate information sharing among graduate students, school administration, faculty, and staff, and to support graduate students in the challenging process of attaining their degree.